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Rising Above

           Life Coaching

Change Happens

One Day at a Time

Vicki McCauley


Welcome to Rising Above Life Coaching!


Life can keep us busy with everyday challenges or just work that needs to be done. Every once in awhile you find there is a new path standing before you that you did not plan for or need that little push of accountability to move you forward.  It can be daunting standing there wondering if you are choosing the right path or excited to take on new challenges but not sure how to take on that new challenge.

Whether you are looking at a small change in your life or looking at a life changing experience I am here to help keep you going to achieve that goal!

I will help you get clarity on the goals you are wanting to achieve.

Guide you in the steps needed to achieve those goals.

Hold you accountable to taking those steps.

Be there to help celebrate the small and big achievements along the way.

About Me


I  work with people from all walks of life. I enjoy seeing people achieve their goals, no matter how small. ​

My life started in Florida surrounded with NASA and making it the moon. Since then I have lived in 12 states, in all four corners of the US.  Giving me the opportunity to learn how to deal with many changes and work with a variety of people and cultures.

I was married for 20 years and have three wonderful grown children. I accomplished my BS in Psychology in January 2008 at 45 years old.

I have many hobbies that include, travel, photography, martial arts, NASA history, painting, sewing, and writing.


I look forward to helping you achieve your goals by giving you the tools to overcome challenges and find the next path

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